First Communion

The goal of our Religious Education program is to bring our children and young adults to know Jesus Christ. While parents are the primary teachers of religion to their children, the education of our young people in Catholic principles, faith and tradition is of tremendous importance to our parish. Thus, we try to integrate our religious education with family life. We try to encourage in our young people an enthusiasm for their faith. The Baltimore Catechism is the primary curriculum for Grades 3-8.  For more information about the program, contact the rectory at 568-8280 (Parish office). 

Confirmation Preparation

 This is a two-year process in which candidates are prepared for receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Effective in 2018-19, students will be confirmed in Grade 9. For more information, contact the inter-parish office at 568-8280. 

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Adult Sacramental Preparation Program


This is a program for any adults who are seeking entrance into the Catholic Church or any adults who have not received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation or Holy Eucharist. This program meets weekly from November to Easter. 

The Program

Where: St. Theresa Rectory

When:Tuesday @ 7-8 pm

Who:Adults 18 or over. The number varies each year depending on the number of interested people.

Sacraments:The sacraments are received during the Easter season. 

Contact Deacon Rick Lapierre at 568-8280 to inquire.



SPRED is an international religious education program designed for persons with developmental disabilities. It brings religion to those who might have difficulty being included in traditional religious education. At SPRED sessions, a small community of faith is a shared experience with catechists and special friends.

Who can participate in SPRED?

Anyone with developmental disabilities ages six and older may participate. Age groups include 6-10, 11-16, 17-21, and 22 years and over. Each special friend is paired up with a helper catechist from his or her local Church. Generally, a group has up to six special friends each paired with a helper catechist; an activity catechist; and a leader catechist. At our parish we currently have a group for persons who are 22 years and older.